Our Story.


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Infrastructure – that’s the building block of everything that is needed for a quality network. It allows great bandwidth and a consistent user experience. Little did I know at the time as I started my own company Kyber in 2001, this would be its building block for success and the future of THELITPIPE!

I learned this concept while working in IT at State Farm Insurance Co located in sunny Southern California. We put in internal networks for our own staff to utilize information sharing on the brand new technology at the time – The Internet. We built networks and supported them at multiple satellite offices, in-house attorney offices and of course, our corporate headquarters. Since, this was a new field at the time, we had to provide tech support to boot! Moved to the Silicon Valley and went on to Johnson & Johnson, SGI, and several other companies building on what I learned – designing and implementing much larger and more complex networks. The Internet had taken center stage for our economy and I was in the thick of it.

Meanwhile, my family was in the hospitality & tavern business, where from the age of 12 thru my move to Northern Cal, I learned the business from the ground up. Besides the obvious of being hospitable – painting, plumbing, woodwork, tiling, carpeting, fixing anything that broke and everything in between were mandatory tasks on any given day. Bartending & cleaning at the bar closing at 2am seemed like perks for what the day brought. This experience from a young age taught me that working hard like my parents was in my blood and eventually I would be back in this industry as some point in my life.

Blending the entrepreneurial spirit and my work experience came full circle as I took a leave from my last position to building a hotel with my family from scratch. During this long and tedious process over almost 4 years, learned about the entire life-cycle of building a hotel from the permitting process, architectural design, construction, furnishing, hiring & training staff to marketing and eventually opening what it seemed like as a life achievement up until that point anyways. Working with many teams in all areas of this project taught me that this is where I belonged.

During this building, I realized that technology in the hotel industry was way behind in the curve. I was the Super on the construction site but the guru to building the network for future of the hotel, and as it turns out…for many of my colleagues in the hotel industry. Putting in a network that fulfilled our guests’ Internet access needs securely and giving the great end-user experience was something that was drastically missing for everyone. As my colleagues put it – “whatever you do in your place, do it the same in my place!” With that – Kyber Networks was born. Turns out that my own hotel was a reference for a successful network for everyone. We continued on in the hotel business, even got into hotel management. But Kyber was my baby!

We grew like crazy! We ventured out into alternative technologies for networking using existing phone wiring and TV cable, put in some of the first reliable wireless and mesh networks, all while adhering to hotel franchise standards for providing the secure guest Internet experience & providing a support service that was always available. We started reselling bandwidth via our many vendor relationships will all of the nationwide ISPs. Started with DSL, cable & 1.5mb T1s! After many years of keeping our clients at the top of their Internet game, we became very familiar with meeting room, back office, front desk, security camera, TV & phone, guest room technology, business center, and many other network & system applications of a hotel outside of guest Internet. Bandwidth had to be reliable, cost effective, and able to handle all aspects of a hotel’s Internet needs.

And this is where we were lead to THELITPIPE. With so many ISP relationships, knowing the inner working of hotels, we understood the process, the need and the efficiency of networks to get the best bandwidth available to the hotel.

For Kyber clients, they could appreciate the handholding through this process, as it’s not easy to navigate, especially how it relates to EVERYTHING at their hotel! We want to pass this knowledge onto everyone, hoteliers and non-hoteliers. Message is clear – everyone needs bandwidth, but the infrastructure to guide everyone through this need is essential. THELITPIPE delivers!