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Our bandwidth partners


What industries does The Lit Pipe cater to?

While we specialize in the hospitality industry, our services cater to a wide range of industries. Our goal is to provide seamless tech solutions and support to businesses across various sectors.

How does The Lit Pipe ensure quality bandwidth?

We work directly with major carrier service providers to secure quality bandwidth for our clients. Our experienced team assesses your specific bandwidth needs and maps out a comprehensive plan to meet them.

How does The Lit Pipe support businesses post-installation?

We provide ongoing technical support services and proactive monitoring. Our dedicated team ensures smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure, minimizing downtime, and ensuring that critical applications and services operate effectively.

How does The Lit Pipe earn revenue? Do you charge clients a premium for your services?

The Lit Pipe operates on a unique model where our revenue is primarily derived from our partner suppliers, not our clients. When we facilitate a service such as securing bandwidth or other services from major carrier providers, the supplier pays us, not the client. Our goal is to provide maximum value to our clients while eliminating the burden of dealing with large bandwidth providers and red tape. It's part of our commitment to offering a more personal and cost-effective experience for our clients.